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Preventative Care

Preventative Care - Your Best Investment for a Lifetime of Dental Health We all know that prevention is the best defense against oral disease, and always better than treatment. That's where our services start. Through a combination of good routine oral care at home and professional dental cleanings and regular exams, you can actively prevent [...]

Restorative Services

Restorative Services "I want my smile back" is a frequent request by Dr. Kusnick's patients. Our restorative services range from simply replacing traditional silver fillings with today's tooth-colored fillings to full-mouth restorations. See our Photo Gallery> for amazing results that Dr. Kusnick's dental artistry has brought his patients. Our restorative services include: Tooth-colored fillings Implant [...]

Just For Children

Just For Children Dr. Kusnick recommends a first dentist office visit for your child at around age 3. Our services for children include: Regular cleanings Fluoride treatment Sealants Tooth-colored fillings Extraction of baby teeth Early detection of bite problems Comprehensive oral hygiene instruction Results you can trustChanging Lives One Smile At A Time!