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Health Tips and Interesting Facts

Health Tips and Interesting Facts on a variety of dental topics for your family, from prevention to dental implants to starting your child off right for a lifetime of good dental health. . .

Preventative Care: At least every 6 months

If you take special care of your teeth and they are in good condition, you should come to see us for a checkup at least twice a year. If your teeth are predisposed to problems, you should be on the safe side and make an appointment for preventative care regularly.

Our tip: Come in for a consultation and make the next appointment after each visit.

Start ’em early

Proper oral hygiene habits are learned early. As soon as your toddler can manage a toothbrush (24-30 months), supervised brushing instructions can create beneficial habits that last a lifetime. Remember, children under 6 should be supervised at all times, as swallowing toothpaste can be harmful.

Dr. Kusnick recommends a first dentist visit somewhere in your child’s third year. Establishing regular visits at a young age has proven to improve the health and stability of adult teeth.

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